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With an App and a Record Sleeve, You Can Be a DJ, Too

You can mix music using this DJ's vinyl record sleeve | The Verge

If you weren’t already tipped off by all the Back to the Future Part II stories popping up in your feeds, we live in the future. And in that future, physical + digital + fun = magic.

Why “Uptown Funk” Is Giving It To You 101

Why Is Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk!” No. 1? | Slate

Here’s the thing about the roughly 35-year-old records [by artists like The Gap Band, Zapp, Rick James, Morris Day and The Time, et al.]: All were huge R&B hits, but none were big pop hits … I’ve found it ironic to see so many bloggers, critics, and friends of mine calling it a ready-made smash. Sure, it sounds like an instantly familiar chart-topper to us now. But “Uptown Funk!” is to vintage electro-R&B in 2015 what “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “Basket Case” were in the early ’90s to vintage punk: a catch-up. It’s a penance by America for not making an irresistible style the pop success it deserved to be the first time around.


Chrome Extension allows seamless YouTube listening

This Chrome extension turns YouTube into a serious music service | The Next Web

The extension … allows you to search any song on YouTube right inside a popup, add it to a playlist and listen instantly without needing to have a YouTube tab open.

The extension does far more than you might expect. For example, once you’ve created a playlist, you can share it with friends via a URL, like you might expect on a normal music service.

Streamus even offers a radio service, like Spotify or Pandora that automatically picks similar songs and plays them for you … You’re also able to queue up songs from around the web by just right clicking on them, which makes it easy to listen all day.

extension This Chrome extension turns YouTube into a serious music service

Welp, this is pretty rad. Casual office listeners rejoice!

Universal Music Group Sues Company Just Trying to Let Inmates Have Music

Universal Music files lawsuit over albums sent to prison inmates | Consequence of Sound

The company that’s gone after “copyright claims against everything from airline companies to 29-second YouTube videos of little children dancing” is at is again. It’s okay, though – your incarcerated cousin’s spirits likely wouldn’t be lifted by listening to 1989 ad nauseam anyway.

RHCP’s Chad Smith kisses the ground where Zep recorded “When the Levee Breaks”

Proof positive that we’re all fans first. Plus, is there anything more iconic in all of rock ‘n roll than that drum intro?

More on Spitfire Audio’s very cool recording project at Spin.

Music Industry Numbers Are In … Spoiler: It Ain’t All Bad!

Truth In Numbers: Six Music Industry Takeaways From Year-End Data | Forbes

Since we know you’re as tired of music industry gloom and doom as we are, here are some crazy facts that are also pieces of good news:

  • More people are consuming music than ever before
  • This is the ninth consecutive year of growth for vinyl sales
  • Rock ain’t dead
  • Brands are heavily investing in music (to the tune of $1.3 billion in partnerships last year alone)

We realize it’s potentially still a tough time to make a living making music, but let’s just go ahead and throw out the black-and-white “Is it or isn’t it dead?” rhetoric.

The Drop: Reddit for Dance Music

Justin Kan’s The Drop Is Product Hunt For Music

The Drop is something like a Reddit for dance music—a genre full of decentralized artist catalogs. The best tunes often aren’t officially licensed for streaming on platforms like Spotify.

Twitch/Exec co-founder and Y Combinator partner Justin Kan tells me “I wanted something to create a constant stream of new electronic music tracks every day.”

We’re 100% in favor of crowdsourced curation that comes from actual people, so many kudos to Kan. Go find your new jam.

Why ‘Meow the Jewels’ Matters

Run the Jewels Share 'Meow the Jewels' Preview, Add Lil Bub

It’s probably easy to dismiss anything related to Meow the Jewels as pure kitsch. Maybe it is. And yet, here are two guys who skyrocketed out of relative obscurity to put out a free record that topped many “Best of 2014″ lists without a hint of self-importance and became a major voice in America’s social unrest.

Run the Jewels runs the internet (at least for the moment).

Watching the story of Meow the Jewels unfold is straight up wild. I remember seeing the $40,000 joke bonus package roll into my inbox on release day. Then, a Kickstarter got made when someone called RTJ on it, and they raised $65k when El-P pledged his support and quickly followed with a promise to send the proceeds to charity.

So, now, to see a rap group basically launched by Adult Swim talk about things like Lil’ Bub and Mike Brown in the same sentence without a hint of irony or mystique is too interesting to ignore.

Push-Ups and Angel Dust

Surprisingly not the title of a new Mark Wahlberg film, but rather a small take-away from a 247hh interview with Wutang Clan’s own Raekwon. The Chef recounts fond memories of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA and himself smoking dust and doing a billion push-ups…. Continue Reading →

Amoeba Music Sets the Standard

How An Iconic Indie Record Store Stays Relevant | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Imagine the ideal record shop a customer might want to visit—and build that.

We love the record stores we work with, and Amoeba is someone we all look up to. The stores that do well sound a lot like Marc Weinstein’s: full of passionate, decent employees, in a building that’s more of a cultural hub than a retail store.

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