TuneDig is an in-depth and informed conversation between two lifelong friends about the power of music — one album at a time.

In each episode, we go down the rabbit hole to spend a while in the strange world we discover. We take an honest look at creativity in all its complexity—from writing and production to history and cultural impact.

We promise you’ll learn something new every time, no matter how much you already love the album we explore.


  • TuneDig Episode 44: Meshuggah’s “ObZen”

    Meshuggah’s ObZen—an artifact of human creativity pushing the limits of what’s possible—will quite literally make you hear music differently. If you’re looking for a new musical adventure, and especially if you don’t think you like “heavy” or “weird” music, consider this your sign to push past your comfort zone.

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  • Friday Heavy: April 1, 2022

    This week, we discuss:

    1. Meshuggah – “Immutable”
    2. Friday Heavy playlist full of high quality Meshuggah aping that AIN’T “djent”
    3. The Bail Project

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