TuneDig is an in-depth and informed conversation between two lifelong friends about the power of music — one album at a time.

In each episode, we go down the rabbit hole to spend a while in the strange world we discover. We take an honest look at creativity in all its complexity—from writing and production to history and cultural impact.

We promise you’ll learn something new every time, no matter how much you already love the album we explore.

Season 4

  • TuneDig Episode 032: D’Angelo’s “Voodoo”

    To create something timeless, an artist must push beyond the boundaries of time. With “Voodoo”, D’Angelo gathered a council of like-minded shamans for a years-long ritual to study and absorb music’s most mystical moments, conjuring an otherworldly result.

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  • TuneDig Episode 031: Chelsea Wolfe’s “Hiss Spun”

    “Hiss Spun” is a massive cosmic ballad that journeys through the worlds within the psyche, guided by a goddess of the soul in her own right. Think of this episode as a gateway drug to a land beyond your comfort zone toward the beauty of all things heavy. Let “Hiss Spun” get in your blood.

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  • TuneDig Episode 030: Otis Redding’s “Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul”

    A single 24-hour period in 1965 yielded one of the finest and most important musical documents in American history — and its author became one of our most influential voices. Join us in marveling at the difference a day can make.

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  • TuneDig Episode 029: Sunn O)))’s “Black One”

    ”Dark is the light, and everything is black.” For Black Friday, we thought it fitting to reach for the darkest and most transcendent piece of music we know. Sunn O)))’s thundering vibrations are meditation through force for anyone willing to listen deeply, and “Black One” is a door into a void that turns out to be a higher plane.

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  • TuneDig Episode 028: Radiohead’s “Kid A”

    Is it possible to be both overrated and underrated? With “Kid A”, Radiohead cemented their mythos simply by artfully engaging a very specific cultural crossroads. We reexamined both the music and the moment, and gained new perspective than we expected about the meaning of both.

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  • TuneDig Episode 027: Tom Waits’s “Rain Dogs”

    Dance and swallow the night with us as we go down, down, down, downtown. This one finds us following a beatnik as he washes away the scent of his past and goes feral in search of wild new sounds. (We’ve always been out of our minds.)

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  • TuneDig Episode 026: A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight Marauders”

    Most artists would’ve crumbled under the pressure of following up an instant classic like The “Low End Theory”, but Tip, Phife, and Shaheed dug even deeper, delivering an even more “precise, bass-heavy, and just right” work in sound and in spirit. Midnight remains a watershed moment for hip-hop, so we must bear witness.

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  • TuneDig Episode 025: Can’s “Tago Mago”

    We launch Season 4 by blasting off toward Inner Space, exploring the wild dimension that one German-based collective occupied all on its own. Enjoy the mind-bending magic of pure cosmic inspiration with us.

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